"Amazon" Self-Check


7 days to get your growth report! Health Check is perfect for every company that are:

  • Frustrated with low online sales
  • Suffering from low conversion rates
  • Paying for traffic which doesn't convert
  • Tired of shopping cart abandonment
  • Losing sales due to site design
  • Looking to improve average order value 

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HC alpha-bg
HC alpha-bg

Persooa Health Check process builds for funnel performance quick wins

1. Fullscreen of your website to identify where your sales funnel is losing money, pain points and your biggest potential gains. Additionally, we are checking basic industry benchmarks.

2. We are preparing a list of recommendations for conversion optimization and UX improvements that impacting your business in a short and long time.


3. Start with us end-to-end implementation or do it yourself. For Health Check customers, we offer one complimentary campaign as proof of value.  

What is included in Health Check?

Complete funnel evaluation ( homepage, search, product page, checkout and email)

Video call review with Persooa personalization experts 

Uncover quick wins & opportunities, conversion funnel bottlenecks and growth tactics that boost your revenue in 30 days

List of recommendations to improve your sales funnel

Offer for Quick Wins implementation with roadmap and high-level execution plan



"Working with Persooa and Synerise helps us deliver a truly personalized and unique shopping experience to our clients. It allowed us to take a full-funnel approach to the customer journey, easily test new strategies and optimize on the fly for quick, significant results.”

Szymon Jezierski 
Co-founder of AZAGroup


"Persooa Health Check is a new service for every eCommerce wants to improve funnel performance. The personalized report gave us recommendations and benchmark that we used to drive revenue up and start new optimization initiative"

Daniel Rogiński 
Vice President Droogerie Natura


"Persooa has end to end services which address business challenges related to funnel performance and optimize current traffic to increase ROI from all digital marketing activities"

Marcin Sobiecki
Head of Digital and Performance Marketing B2B at Orange

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