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20-08-10 06:30

Boost your revenue by highest basket conversion


Boost your revenue by highest basket conversion

20-08-10 06:30
Boost your revenue by highest basket conversion - featured image

Around 85-90% of consumers will definitely abandon their purchase on your site at a particular stage. We present a combination of off-site and on-site marketing activities and get them to reconsider making a purchase.

1. Exit-intent pop-up -add a trigger to your website which will be activated when customers exit their shopping cart. Such pop-ups may be used to explain why users leave their cart or use it to reveal a recommendation based on user behaviour. Often all that's required is a good level of personalization to get your shoppers to complete the order. When the user is about to close the window or move to a new tab, the item they leave behind in their shopping cart will auto-populate a tiny popup with personalized message.

Recommendation exit

Source: Optimonster

2. Add urgency - adding social data is another technique that can be used to persuade buyers to purchase. Fill out the product pages and even abandon your cart mail with reviews from other happy customers and product ratings to communicate your products' value.

Urgency banner

Source: Synerise

3. Use dynamic retargeting for cart abandoners - not all potential customers that come to your website purchase right away. You need to continue to influence them not only from your website but also across Google's display network. Segmenting visitors and remarketing to those that have 'Abandoned the Shopping Cart' or 'Visited A Product Page" may not be enough. If you want to beat your competitors, you should take your remarketing campaign a step further, using AI recommendation engine and showing customers the most relevant products.


Most viewed product by customer - Nike

AI recommendation

Retargeting based on last behaviour - Shopbop

4. Personalized follow-up emails - help customers with cart recovery emails abandoned checkout. Know the shoppers have didn't finish shopping and allow them to pick them where they left. To simplify the process, you should consider setting up a link that takes you to the exact stage before you exit. Providing a small discount is also a smart way to inspire shoppers to take a look.

AI personalized email

Abandoned basket with recommendations:QualityPet

5. Perform A/B testing - regularly run A / B tests to see which content forms, designs and copy are optimal. Make sure you modify only one variable at a time while running A / B tests, to decide what impacts the new campaign results. This is a common mistake to test several things in one campaign. .

Dynamic A/B Test for Search

A dynamic listing with A/B test: Optimizely

When it comes to product page layout, sometimes the tried and true design works best. Making a product image bigger may lead to more clicks on the product, but that doesn’t always guarantee checkout - Optimizely.

6. Add Amazon like checkout - for two reasons, choices are good: in view of the identity their credit card protection, some people have a hard mind using online credit cards (particularly on sites with which they are unfamiliar). A 2009 survey of 2,000 UK adults found that 50% of those who don't regularly shop online said they would cancel their purchase if their preferred payment methods were not available. Is not a big segment but adding solutions such as Paypal or Amazon Payments to credit card purchases lets you win over those consumers you would otherwise loses.

Checkout Payment


7. Personalize experience - The third most effective method of generating increased revenue by personalizing is using customized product recommendations on-site that reflect 11,5 percent of revenue at websites in North and South America, Europe and Australia, according to market research conducted by Barillance and data from 1.5 billion shopping sessions at 26 countries.

Personalized Experience


In other words, you want shoppers to add more items to their shopping cart with the hope that they checkout with as many if not all the items in their basket.

Personalized recommendations


8. Analyze user actions for conversion funnel leaks - you need to create full sales funnel and map where the shoppers are dropping off solutions such as Synerise offer that kind of funnel analytics that is very easy to build. For example, a high exit rate on the payment page may suggest that the way you capture payment information is a challange for your visitors. Perhaps there is a specific form of payment for your transactions that your customers would like to use like Apple Pay instead of redirecting customers to their bank website.

Funnel conversion


9. Help customers to set-up minimal shipping threshold - Providing free shipping is almost a guaranteed way to increase your conversion rate, and ensures customers leave your store feeling like they've had a positive experience. In this post-Amazon era, not only do customers want free shipping, but they expect it. Buyers will do nearly everything to avoid shipping costs; many will even add additional items to their cart so that they can qualify. The magic word "free" retains all the strength – it grants them the freedom to buy instantly. That's why it is essential to have personalization solutions that can automatically recommend products to reach minimal shipping threshold.

Shipping treshold

Abetterlemonadestand.com: Velour

10. Allow clients to add products to cart - one of the biggest conversion killers for your eCommerce is that you are not allowing anonymous people to add products to your cart before they register. Most of the new people on your eCommerce are not ready to buy (only 2,5-3,5 people are prepared to buy). So you need to build new tactics around that problem. One of them is to show an abandoned popup with products that anonymous customer browsed or add to the shopping cart.

Buy later


If you are looking for more examples and tactics please download our ebook about 7 reasons why your customers abandon shopping cart and how personalization can increase your ecommerce revenue or order our Health Check for your ecommerce: 


Persooa Health-Check



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