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20-07-24 08:00

Why meaning and understanding of PERSONA in modern digital marketing is a key to success.


Why meaning and understanding of PERSONA in modern digital marketing is a key to success.

20-07-24 08:00
Why meaning and understanding of PERSONA in modern digital marketing is a key to success. - featured image

In the modern world people are overwhelmed by stimuli all around them. That is why for being effective marketer we need to be very selective and precise with communication. Other words, if you do not understand your buying personas and you don’t know how to personalized approach to them, you will not be a winner.

Furthermore, in order to take full advantage, you need to develop strategies and ways to cater for your shoppers. That starts with building your personas.

1. Identify your shopper personas

Your shopper personas, also known as buyer personas, are defined as semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer based on market research as well as existing customer data such as:

· Location: Where they are from?

· Age: What is the age range persona?

· Gender: What is the gender of this persona?

· Interests: What are their interests?

· Education Level: What is the education level of persona?

· Income Level: What is potential income range of the buyer?

· Relationship Status: What is their relationship status?

· Language: What languages do people in this persona speak?

Basically as much information you can gather from data as better your communication will be and you’re not only be able to offer them what they want, but you can do it before they even consider they need the product.

However, having all this information counts for nothing if you don’t do anything with it. It’s time to dig a little deeper.

2. Perceive their objectives and needs

Once you've got your customer personas discovered and prepared to go, it’s time to see at what makes your customers diverse over each other. A first step includes recognizing their goals, needs and motivations for buying.

Here are a few customer personas that you’re likely to come across:


Some would say that is the less tractive persona because they are more likely to browse tons of products instead of buying them instantly. However, if you make great shopping experience for them by for example personalized product recommendations they will find an offer that they can not refuse. Apparently those personas are most of your online traffic and will help you to build the most effective approach for more determined buyers.


Highly valuable persona who wants to compare specs, prices, reviews and features of the products before they even consider buying. But at the same time those personas are giving us the best opportunity to show our personal approach and understand of they needs.
Social proof or products comparison is a key to encourage them to make a purchase decision.

‘Discount Chaser’

Their goal is to find best deal, they prefer to wait for a discount then but a product at its full price, willingly uses coupons and loyalty program promotions. Planed and consistent actions are the key to reach this type of personas but in longer perspective automated and effective sales funnel will do its job on its own.


Those are just basic segments, most common but it doesn’t mean that we should focus just on them. From all the traffic you have you need to go deeper, on higher level to understand personal needs of your visitors.

3. Understanding of 1:1 personalization approach

Each shopper is different, we can say - each shopper is an individual persona and that requires special approach to be effective.

Thanks to complex smart tools operating in real-time we are able to create content that is dedicated to individual personas, based on their browsing history, dynamic banners displayed in order which is the most attractive, product recommendations that are the most accurate to particular group of products. All of those actions are the key to make personal approach and put your sales funnel to the next level of effectiveness. If you not sure where to start and what needs to be improve in your online store you can do a Health Check that will help you to understand what is missing and what actions have to be done to improve conversion rate on each step of the sales funnel, from Home Page Personalization to Abandoned Baskets Recovery (check out our eBook).


We are all humans and we if we don’t look at the buyers as sensitive people we will not be able to create effective dedicated campaigns, even if they are based on simple data rules. Understanding who your customers are and what motivates them to buy gives you an advantage over your competition. Be a winner.

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