"Amazon" Self-Check

AI Personalization

Services based on hundreds use cases: Orange, T-Mobile, Rebecca Minkoff, Shop Direct, Samsonite, DUKA, ALDO, IKEA.


Activate your customer by behavioral targeting, online testing and personalization to improve business performance.


Discover Personalization Service Packages

Start Package

  • Dynamic banner
  • Exit Pop-Up
  • Social Proof
  • + 4 Content templates & campaigns
  • +4 Segments for targeting
  • + 1 dedicated dashboard

Boost Package

  • All from Start Package +
  • "Amazon like" - AI Personalization
  • AI Search & Basket Recovery
  • + 10 Content templates & campaigns
  • + 6 Segments for targeting
  • +2 dedicated dashboards

Power Package

  • Unlimited omnichannel campaings
  • All from Boost Package
  • AI Visual Search (Fashion)
  • + Top 50 campaigns scenario
  • + Unlimited segments for targeting
  • + Unlimited analytics

All Packages Include


Digital marketing consultant with over 10 years of experience in online business growth


Project manager, marketing automation specialist, UX designer, developers to implement your tailor-made strategy


The data-driven framework focused on delivering results in the first month of implementation and next steps plan.


Review of marketing results from the last month carried out by phone or video conference with the screen-share

Packages FAQ

For whom & what is included in packages

1. Start: for a beginner with automation and personalization companies want to increase sales by implementing basic solutions such as dynamic targeted banners or a personalized exit pop-up for selected segments. As part of the Basic Package, you can count on the preparation and launch of up to 4 end to end constant campaigns with reports.

2. Boost: for every company want to improve their sales funnel thanks to the implementation of an advanced automation and personalization strategy. In the middle of the package, proven and tested practical examples, ready mechanisms and scenarios guaranteeing a rapid increase in the efficiency of your sales activities. As part of the Boost Package, you can count on the preparation and implementation of a personalization strategy for all elements of this package.

3. Power: for every company want to implement a comprehensive strategy and looking for an end to end support form strategy to business results. As part of the Power Package, you can count on the preparation and implementation of a complex personalization strategy.

What strategies, business KPI and areas I can improve with Persooa plans?

Key business strategies that are applicable by features to a fairly broad range of industries, for example:

  • Identify the right prospects and high opportunity segments to increase acquisition of new customers
  • Increase engagement over the customer lifecycle to increase retention and repeat purchases
  • Identify the top customers to nurture and to get other customers to this level
  • Focus my efforts on the right people to market to and save my time/money/resources
  • Make marketing more effective/efficient through targeted and personalized communications
  • Unify the customer experience across channels to increase customer satisfaction and overall LTV

1. Improve operational and marketing efficiency

  • Increased customer acquisition
  • Reduced customer churn
  • Higher average order values
  • Increased marketing engagement
  • Improved campaign ROI
  • Cost savings through more efficient analysis of data
  • Human error at the data processing stage can be mitigate

2. Improve data law compliance

  • Preference centers
  • Right to be forgotten
  • Usage tracking
  • Data field screening
  • Streamlined data Subject Access Request (SAR) responses
  • Audit trail of marketing permissions

3. ‘OWN’ marketing data

  • Reduced time to data
  • Reduced campaign development time
  • Greater campaign volume
  • Deeper customer segmentation
  • Lower marketing costs

4. Integrate disparate systems and channels

  • A sound basis for creating and using predictive models
  • Build omnichannel customer journeys
  • Continual feedback loop from campaigns to refine future messaging
  • Create triggered campaigns

5. Improve the customer experience

  • Right message, right time
What does "Amazon-like" AI Personalization mean?

We present some most popular categories you can see on Amazon. You can choose up to 3 campaigns you find on Amazon. 



What does segmentation mean?

Visitor segments allow us to differentiate between the behaviours and intent of individual visitor groups. They are the fuel that drives our marketing analysis, testing, optimization and personalization efforts towards success. These powerful cohorts allow us to see what and who is driving the end- result, and act accordingly. Without them, we end up looking at meaningless, useless numbers. By profiling and segmenting customers and visitors, Marketers can effectively target and deliver uniquely tailored content to increase engagement and ultimately improve conversions. See sample segments:

1. Product-focused shoppers – Highly-focused, goal-driven shoppers who know exactly what they’re looking for. These can be either new or returning customers. The key metric would be time-to-purchase at the session-level. Since they know exactly what they want, they tend to purchase quite quickly. To pinpoint these shoppers, create a segment for sessions with a really short time-to-purchase.

2. Browsers – Leisurely shoppers who are looking to be inspired or are simply killing time. Browsing customers tend to spend a relatively great deal of time on the site. To identify these browsing sessions, look for unconverted segments with long session durations. These visitors may convey a huge opportunity for you to influence their decisions and turn them from browsers into buyers.



What kind of recommendations I can realize with your AI features and content templates?

Range of standard page recommendations

  • Best-selling categories
  • Best-selling brands
  • Best sellers in category
  • What other customers are viewing right now
  • People who viewed this product also viewed this
  • People who bought this product also bought this
  • Recommended products for you
  • New for you

Range of customer recommendations

  • Your most-purchased items in categories
  • Your most-purchased brands
  • Your recently viewed items
  • New for you
  • Replenishment/buy again

Range of search recommendations

  • Auto-suggest recommendations
  • Hero banner above
  • In-line recommendations
  • Zero-results recommendations

Personalized Tactics 

  • Abandonment – Techniques that aim to capture users before they leave the site after indicating purchase intention.
  • Scarcity – Techniques that highlight items that are low in stock.
  • Social proof – Techniques that leverage the behaviour of other users to provide information about trending products and items currently popular.
  • Urgency – Techniques that use a time limit to promote urgency to complete an action before a deadline.
  • Banners – Any change that affects an onsite banner.
  • Filters – Techniques that interact with category filters.