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Your personal Sponsored Product Platform

Fast, simple and effective solution that lets you monetize your digital shelf space with sponsored products.



RETAIL MEDIA enables brands and advertisers to drive on-site awareness, promote products and increase sales.

  • Monetize the data in a way that benefits both, advertisers and customers 
  • Create highly personalised campaigns that engage shoppers, boost loyalty and sales 
  • Let the brands advertisers maximize the return on their media spends. 

Simply choose the placements and the keywords to be monetized.

Headline Search Ads
Product Display Ads
Sponsored Products


3 AI components that will make it relevant to everyone! 


AI Product Engine

Choose specific placement where a brand advertiser will be able to promote items among the other recommended products. 

Let the brand promote on the most desired placements:

  • The Home Page
  • Listing Page
  • The Category Page
  • The Product Page 
  • The Basket Page

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AI Search Engine 

  • Show clients what they're looking for with accelerated search.
  • The AI engine is sorting the results according to the customer real time behaviour.

    Let the brand promote on a specific key words.

Real-time Insights  

Use deep insights to understand customer behaviours across multiple channels in real time.

Define and share the data with brand advertisers to validate the effectiveness of your Sponsorised Products Platform.  

  • Funnel,
  • Segments,
  • Raports &  KPI's


Advertise individual products, Drive traffic to product detail page, Create targeted ad campaigns, Control spend and budget, Track campaign performance.

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