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SAS Customer Intelligence 360 ​​is a modern and comprehensive solution for managing your omnichannel marketing strategy, using the best analytics thanks to the SAS Viya platform. As a key partner of SAS, we successfully implement comprehensive analytical platforms in the cloud. Our vast professional experience and hundreds of implementations we’ve done over the years allow us to choose the right business strategy and use SAS successfully to benefit your business.


The experience we gained while working with many clients allows us to select the right strategy and use SAS to benefit your company.

How does it work? ⚙️

SAS collects and stores customer data across all channels, online and offline. Then, it uses the data to plan and automate marketing processes and personalize digital channels. It’s a real multichannel marketing hub that helps you improve your business results.

Over 80,000 customers in 150 countries around the world use SAS software. It has been building its position as a global leader in Customer Intelligence & Analytics solutions for 43 years.

“SAS proposes a wide range of services to ensure your customers get the best experiences. With two complementary offers, we easily meet the needs of varied audiences. The first one provides powerful opportunities for marketers and other business users with Customer Intelligence 360. The second one is for analytical users who want to create custom models and reports with the SAS Viya offer.”  

Jim Goodnight

Co-Founder & CEO SAS

Recognitions and Accomplishments of SAS 🏆

SAS is the only supplier to have achieved a leadership position in all Forrester CCCM evaluations since The Forrester Wave inaugural report in 2008.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs

SAS was named the “Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs 2021” leader in recognition of its complete vision and the ability to deliver everything a business needs to manage customer journeys.

SAS clients 🤝

What makes SAS CI 360? special?

The Center of Multichannel
Marketing Strategies

SAS allows businesses to manage both direct and digital campaigns from one place. It combines online and offline behavioral data to create a comprehensive customer profile.

marketing efforts

To make your efforts even more efficient, SAS allows you to integrate and manage your marketing processes, such as strategy planning, campaign execution, and performance analysis, from one place.


SAS uses real-time data and advanced analytics to present customers with personalized offers at the right time and place.

customer view

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 ​​collects customer information from the website and mobile application to combine it later with the data gathered offline, which allows your team to create a comprehensive customer profile.


SAS uses real-time data and advanced analytics to present customers with personalized offers at the right time and place.

What does SAS Customer Intelligence 360
have to offer?

Persooa’s experienced team takes full advantage of the opportunities offered by SAS by implementing:

  • SAS 360 Discover
  • SAS 360 Plan
  • SAS 360 Engage Digital
  • SAS 360 Engage Direct
  • SAS Viya
oprogramowanie SAS Customer Intelligence
sas software widok narzędzia

SAS 360 Discover

SAS 360 Discover is one of the SAS CI 360 components. Organizations use it to collect omnichannel data. This solution allows you to collect more detailed data from online, mobile, and offline channels.
  • Online and offline data integration/li>
  • Self-service data analytics
  • Reporting and visualization
  • Identity mapping

SAS 360 Plan

SAS 360 Plan is responsible for intuitive management of all marketing processes within the platform. Its tasks are to accelerate, automate and streamline your marketing planning efforts. SAS 360 Plan takes on numerous responsibilities, from strategic planning and budgeting to managing and analyzing marketing resources.

  • Strategic planning
  • Schedule, budget, and digital asset management
  • Development of plans for offers and communication
  • Workflow management
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sas software oprogramowanie dla biznesu

SAS 360 Engage Digital

The CI 360 platform also includes the Engage Digital module, responsible for personalizing digital channels, managing creations, and messaging. Engage Digital also allows you for targeted advertising based on real-time data.

  • Customer journey management
  • Omnichannel communication – online and offline, in owned and paid media
  • Measurement of implemented tasks
  • A / B / x and A / B tests

SAS 360 Engage Direct

This module allows you to create segments and execute campaigns in batch mode. SAS 360 Engage Direct engages customers through direct distribution channels to streamline their acquisition and increase their loyalty. It also uses advanced analytics to help you make the best possible business decisions.

  • Advanced segmentation
  • Automated customer segmentation
  • Customer acquisition
  • Advanced analytics
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Interfejs SAS software Marketing Automation​

SAS Viya

The SAS Viya platform streamlines the performance of all analytical tasks – from data mining to advanced statistical techniques, like data science, forecasting, and management of multiple models in the production environment.

  • Analytical modeling
  • Data mining
  • Results reporting

SAS Customer Intelligence & Analytics - Integrations


SAS is statistical analysis software for data management, advanced analytics, multivariate analytics, and predictive analytics.
You can use this software for various purposes, such as marketing research, sales trend analysis, and customer segmentation. SAS supports your marketing efforts in the omnichannel distribution system by allowing you to plan, optimize and personalize marketing communication.
Implementing the Synerise software helps improve business processes, especially in the fields of sales and marketing. Synerise allows you to effectively use the acquired data and transform it into efforts that optimize consumer paths to purchase.

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