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 Customer Data & Experience Platform

Synerise Technology 

Synerise is a robust technology ecosystem that activates your customers to grow with hundreds of implementations from different industries. We are experts of Synerise technology and realize use cases in several areas.: 

Industries: Telecommunication (Orange), Financial Services (Commerzbank), Retail (Carrefour), Automotive (Skoda), eCommerce (CCC)

CRM Marketing Automation Automation Analytics AI Personalization Loyalty

The Power of Artificial Intelligence

See the power of Synerise platform. Order the demo and see how it works in life with real use-case example from Ikea, Orange, Duka and other eCommerce shops.


Online Shoppers an In-Store Experience

Tangiblee Technology

An incredible solution to effective engage your customers with existing product content you have. You can tell better product stories and turn existing product content into interactive, personalized customer experiences. Persooa & Tangiblee problems solve :

  • Abandonment Due to Size Uncertainty

  • Low Conversion Rate

  • Low Engagement

  • High Content Production Costs

  • High Return Rate

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The Power of Product Experience

Deliver an interactive & on-brand product, and experience on every catalogue SKU. See the video with a real example.

Optimize Shopping Experience from "Start"

PIIO Technology

The most advanced Real-time Image Optimization technology for fully optimized images to each visitor, device, and browser.  Persooa creates an exclusive partnership in CEE Market with innovate tech. company.


  • Deliver High-res images without slowing down your website.
  • Give your customers the best experience
  • Forget about resizing images manually or by your agency

"Improving your load time by 0.1s can boost conversion rates by 8%"

Milliseconds Make Millions


Want to see how much faster your website can go?


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Be Our MarTech Partner 

We are open to partnership with an innovative technology company for growing our customers. We are very pragmatic and carefully extending our portfolio in order to have more and more addressable areas in sales funnel performance challenges.