Modern marketing and sales powered by AI

Would you like to improve the efficiency of your efforts based on data and automation? We can be your partner in the digital transformation of sales, marketing, and customer service.  From planning the strategy to achieving your goals!

Our extensive experience in working with many clients allows us to select the right strategy for your company


Artificial intelligence allows you to automate processes and personalize communication

Our tech framework

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Single customer view

The activation requires a continuous, comprehensive, unified understanding of each identifiable and anonymous customer, which allows capturing their full history and behavior in real time from each channel, device and system. 


Scalable 1: 1 personalization requires self-learning, configurable, transparent predictive algorithms that inform you about segmentation, content, recommendations, message optimization and best customer engagement spots.


Conducting real-time marketing efforts across all channels requires automated, adaptive campaign orchestration that uses predictions from a unified customer view to manage marketing touchpoints across channels.

Technology as the basis of customer experience

Personalization of customer experience is the key to acquiring more customers in both the B2B and B2C sectors. At Persooa, we integrate and support technologies that will help you satisfy your customers and achieve business goals.


We are a strategic implementation and service partner of SYNERISE. That means that we can implement AI-supported data and automation ecosystems that operate on the Synerise technology.

  • Customer Data Platform
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Loyalty & Engagement Hub
  • Workflows Automation Buildier
  • MarTech Stack
  • Hyper personalization

We implement comprehensive analytical platforms that store your data in the cloud. We are a partner in the field of campaign management solutions and customer analytics:

  • SAS 360 Discover
  • SAS 360 Plan
  • SAS 360 Engage Digital
  • SAS 360 Engage Direct
  • SAS Viya
Emilia Clarke
Jarosław Królewski
CEO of Synerise
"As a tech company, we focus on providing a reliable ecosystem in the field of ​​data processing and automation based on our original AI algorithms. Persooa is our strategic business and implementation partner in the EMEA region."

Emilia Clarke
Michał Pieprzny
CEO of SAS Polska
“SAS proposes a wide range of services to make sure that your customers will get the best experiences. With two complementary offers, we easily meet the needs of varied audiences. The first one provides powerful opportunities for marketers and other business users with Customer Intelligence 360. The second one is for analytical users who want to create custom models and reports with the SAS Viya offer "

What can we do for you?

Persooa’s offer includes a full package of marketing automation and personalization solutions for e-commerce, mobile applications, and physical stores. We are here for you.

1. Consulting regarding the selection of digital marketing technology

  • preparation of RFI/RFP
  • development of a business case (TCO)
  • product demo
  • benchmarks

2. Flexible contracts (from a single service without any liabilities to comprehensive contracts)

  • licenses / GDPR / SLA
  • outsourcing
  • training sessions
  • implementation and business services

3. Implementation and post-implementation support services

  • integration with contact channels, including social media
  • integration with Google Analytics
  • integration with databases and CRM solutions
  • communication templates for digital channels and coding: e-mails, push notifications, text messages, landing pages, mobile apps
  • integration with CMS and eCommerce services

4. Operational maintenance of digital marketing technology systems

  • we are the first line of technical support
  • we monitor the quality of marketing automation and personalization processes
  • we provide service-level agreements

5. Marketing and developer training

  • marketing automation and personalization training for beginners
  • hands-on training with the Synerise / SAS 360 Platform
  • business scenario building (hands-on)
  • technical training

6. Outsourcing of resources 

  • body leasing (Full/Part-Time)
  • try and hire (for 3/6/9 months, and we provide full support during the selected period)
  • one-time recruitment

We are a trusted implementation partner of leading tech, consulting, and media companies

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