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The evolution of mobile marketing
Persooa TeamMay 14, 2024 4:47:34 PM4 min read

The evolution of mobile marketing: From SMS to RCS Chat

Mobile marketing, an extremely dynamic field, has undergone a significant transformation from the simple SMS messages that dominated the early 2000s to advanced technologies such as RCS (Rich Communication Services). This evolution has opened up new opportunities for brands and businesses, enabling them to create more engaging, interactive and personalised campaigns. Thanks to advances in communications technology, marketers can now reach their customers in ways that seemed impossible just a few years ago. 

Mobile marketing - what is it?

Mobile marketing is a marketing communications strategy that uses mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to reach consumers. It involves the delivery of personalised, time-sensitive information and offers tailored to the needs and behaviour of users of these devices. Mobile marketing tools include SMS, MMS, mobile applications, in-app advertising, mobile-friendly websites and the latest technologies such as geo-location and augmented reality. A key aspect of mobile marketing is the ability to engage users directly and immediately, made possible by the ubiquity and personal nature of mobile devices. Effective mobile marketing requires understanding the context in which these devices are used and adapting the message to the specifics of the small screen and mobile user environment.

The evolution of mobile: From SMS to RCS in marketing strategies

The evolution of mobile technology has brought about significant changes in the way brands communicate with their customers. Over the years, mobile communication has evolved from simple SMS messages, originally used to send short, text-based messages, to the more advanced and interactive forms that are today's Rich Communication Services (RCS) messages. These developments have had a huge impact on marketing strategies, providing marketers with new tools to build relationships with customers.

What is an SMS?

SMS (Short Message Service) is a form of communication that allows short text messages to be sent between mobile devices. SMS gained popularity in the 1990s and quickly became a standard tool for personal and business communication. In mobile marketing, SMS has primarily been used to send simple, direct promotional messages, sales notifications or event reminders. Its main advantages have been its versatility and high effectiveness in reaching its audience.

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What is RCS (Rich Communication Services) chat?

RCS Chat, or Rich Communication Services, is an advanced mobile communications standard that builds on the functionality of traditional SMS messages by introducing the ability to send rich multimedia content such as images, video, location-based information and interactive elements such as voting or shopping buttons. RCS Chat enables more engaging, two-way communications with customers and opens up new possibilities for personalisation and segmentation in mobile marketing. With RCS, brands can not only inform, but also engage consumers, creating deeper and more valuable experiences.

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In addition to SMS and RCS, marketers are now using other advanced mobile tools such as apps, push notifications and social media. Each of these tools makes it possible to tailor messages to the needs and preferences of recipients, increasing the effectiveness of campaigns. Integrating these different channels into a cohesive multichannel strategy allows companies to take a more comprehensive and personalised approach to the customer, which is key to building long-term relationships and effective marketing in the digital age.


How is RCS Chat revolutionising customer interaction in mobile marketing?

RCS (Rich Communication Services) chat brings a new dimension to mobile marketing customer interaction that goes far beyond the limitations of traditional SMS messaging. This innovative technology enables not only text, but also rich multimedia content such as images, GIFs, videos and interactive buttons that can be used to make direct purchases or bookings. What's more, RCS supports group conversations, making it possible to target promotions to specific audiences. This approach allows brands to create more personalised and engaging messages that not only inform, but also encourage consumer interaction. This form of communication not only increases customer engagement, but also enables deeper, more valuable relationships to be built.

The future of mobile marketing

The future of mobile marketing promises even greater personalisation, interactivity and automation, and modern technologies, including Rich Communication Services (RCS) chatbots, can play a key role in these changes. Combining traditional tools with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) offers huge opportunities to create more engaging and personalised marketing campaigns. The development of RCS, which enables richer communication through multimedia messaging, is part of a trend towards increasing interactivity in customer interactions. In addition, growing awareness of the importance of privacy and data security is forcing companies to adopt more secure methods of processing and using personal information. Taken together, these factors are influencing the way brands communicate with consumers, making mobile marketing increasingly effective and tailored to the needs of the modern user.

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