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Cookbook for e-commerce 2024

Persooa's experience, dozens of conversations with customers and partners, expert support... that's how the cookbook "Marketing Automation 2.0 Strategy" was created.

Consulting and training – Persooa Academy

We help build teams and develop digital skills

Doradztwo i szkolenia - Persooa Academy

We help build teams and develop digital skills

We are practitioners of modern marketing solutionsand AI

With experience from hundreds of implementations, we offer a unique set of training services for your business. We tailor the elements of each course to the needs and specifics of your operations, providing 1:1 support and adapting the exercises to the challenges specific to the given industry.

We offer training courses

  • Marketing Automation 2.0 training
  • Synerise training courses and certifications
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Theoretical and practical knowledge of how to use Marketing Automation. We help you implement MA 2.0 (with AI) in your organization to improve KPIs and gain competitive advantage.

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  • Introduction to the types and uses of segmentation
  • Discussion of data sources
  • Defining the 360 view of a customer
  • Key challenges associated with implementing CDP-type solutions
  • Data sources for creating a 360 view

Theory and practice

After each area, you will be given a task to complete and we will discuss it during the working session. All this will help you to get to know the different modules of your chosen technology and to get answers to questions that may arise during your work.

What can you expect from our courses?

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    Technology and tools

    Master the tools that help you automate your marketing. Learn how to configure and manage specific channels.

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    Strategy and scenarios

    Create automation scenarios that you can implement in your organization during the course.
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    Communication and implementation

    Learn the best ways to communicate and troubleshoot implementations.
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    Workshops and use cases

    We will not only teach you the theory, but also put it into practice by working on real use cases close to your business.

See how we have helped other businesses

We have completed deployments in companies such as Orange, T-Mobile and Homla. Check out our case study to see how we helped them increase profits and customer loyalty through marketing automation.

Training reviews – Persooa Academy

We didn't know where to start with marketing automation. We had heard it was a valuable tool, but we weren't sure how to use it and what it could do for us. After attending the "Marketing Automation 2.0" workshop, we now have a clear roadmap and a better understanding of how marketing automation can help grow our business. Our team learned about the latest trends and tools in data-driven marketing and came away with a comprehensive development plan tailored specifically to our needs.
We weren't sure how to start our marketing automation strategy. After attending the "Marketing Automation 2.0" workshop, we know exactly what is possible and how to achieve it in our business. The "Marketing Automation 2.0" workshop was very valuable to us. Persooa introduced us to the world of modern data-driven marketing and helped us create a strategic development plan tailored to our needs and industry specifics. A great asset were the demo sessions, which in a friendly way showed us the possibilities of the tools available on the market from a practical perspective.
We recently had the pleasure of attending a "Marketing Automation 2.0" workshop hosted by Persooa. They were designed to help companies gain knowledge about modern data-driven marketing and create a strategic development plan that fits their needs and industry specifics.

The workshop was very comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics related to data-driven marketing. We appreciated that the topics were presented in a way that was easy to understand. We left the training with the feeling that we now have a solid foundation for implementing and using automation in our company
If you are considering attending the "Marketing Automation 2.0" workshop, we highly recommend it. The Persooa team is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and they do an excellent job of explaining complex concepts to non-experts. We left the workshop inspired and equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to take our data-driven marketing efforts to the next level. Thank you, Persooa!
The "Marketing Automation 2.0" workshop was very valuable to us. Persooa worked with us to introduce us to the world of modern, data-driven marketing, and to help us create a strategic development plan that met our needs and industry specifics.

Workshop topics included an overview of marketing automation principles, types of automation software available on the market, use cases for each type, and an introduction to Persooa's approach to marketing automation. In addition, we had the opportunity to review tools such as SAS, Synerise, etc. and learn about their features from a user's perspective.

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