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Cookbook for e-commerce 2024

Persooa's experience, dozens of conversations with customers and partners, expert support... that's how the cookbook "Marketing Automation 2.0 Strategy" was created.

Knowledge base

Persooa TeamJul 19, 2024 2:17:00 PM

What is conversion? A complete guide for beginners

The concept of conversion plays an important role in the changing e-commerce industry and ...
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Persooa TeamJul 11, 2024 3:07:05 PM

Conversion optimisation - how to increase e-commerce sales with it?

In the competitive world of e-commerce, every business wants to maximise its sales ...
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Persooa TeamJul 11, 2024 2:10:01 PM

What is a conversion rate? Basic information and definition

Conversion rate plays an extremely important role in the booming online marketing ...
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Persooa TeamJun 20, 2024 2:22:47 PM

What is Google Chat and what is it for?

Google Chat is a communication platform developed by Google that is becoming increasingly ...
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Persooa TeamJun 20, 2024 1:55:29 PM

SMS marketing - what it is and how to use text messaging for business

SMS marketing is an increasingly common form of marketing communication that uses short ...
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Persooa TeamJun 19, 2024 4:08:36 PM

Introduction to mobile marketing: definition, tools and opportunities

Mobile marketing has become an integral part of today's business marketing strategies and ...
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Persooa TeamMay 15, 2024 10:57:24 AM

iMessage vs SMS vs RCS - what's the difference?

As technology has evolved, mobile communications have become an essential element in ...
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Persooa TeamMay 14, 2024 4:47:34 PM

The evolution of mobile marketing: From SMS to RCS Chat

Mobile marketing, an extremely dynamic field, has undergone a significant transformation ...
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Persooa TeamMay 13, 2024 4:25:19 PM

What are RCS (Rich Communication Services)?

Mobile communications have come a long way from simple text messaging to the complex ...
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