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See if you qualify for the ROI program in 90 days!

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Cookbook for e-commerce 2024

Persooa's experience, dozens of conversations with customers and partners, expert support... that's how the cookbook "Marketing Automation 2.0 Strategy" was created.

ROI in 90 days

Increase your average revenue per user (ARPU) by 14% with our program.

ROI program in 90 days

Increase revenue per user (ARPU) by 14% with our program.

Unleash the potential of your e-commerce

Are you considering integrating a CDP, CRM, marketing automation, artificial intelligence, loyalty program or search engine into your e-commerce platform, but don't know where to start or feel you're not realizing the potential from your current efforts? Make an appointment to talk about opportunities in your e-commerce. With our program, we guarantee a minimum 10x return on investment in just 90 days.

Who can benefit from the ROI in 90 days program?

Our scenarios guarantee the best effect for e-shops that have more than 100 products in their offerings and process 1000 transactions a month. However, our capabilities are much broader, so we help even smaller e-commerces - contact us and see what we can do for you.

How does our ROI in 90 days program work?

We fully implement a solution of 7 to 10 key scenarios tailored specifically for your e-commerce platform within 90 days. Based on over 100 implementations, we carefully select scenarios designed to improve various KPIs, driving growth and efficiency. Once ROI is achieved within 90 days, we consider further opportunities to expand marketing efforts, thereby increasing ROI.

What does the beginning of cooperation look like?

  • bezplatny-warsztat-biznesowy

    1. Free business workshop

    In the first stage, we present possible scenarios to implement at the startup and the ROI potential of your e-store.
  • wartsztat-techniczny

    2. Free Technical workshop

    We verify the feasibility of implementing a 90-day ROI program into your technical ecosystem through CMS audits and product feed audits, among others.
  • demonstracja-wybranej-technologii

    3. Demonstration of the selected technology

    We present the technology that will best suit your needs.
  • przygotowanie-procesu-implementacji

    4. Preparation of the implementation process

    We implement technologies and activate 7-10
    tailor-made scenarios for your e-commerce.
10x return on investment
14% increase in revenue per user visiting the site
20% increase in the average value of the basket
26% increase in the average value of the basket (AOS)
35% increase in the acquisition of marketing consents
7% more e-commerce transactions
*results based on A/B tests conducted on 60 projects where the solutions we implemented were displayed to 50% of users

ROI program at 90 is just the beginning

Our strategy is initially based on three pillars: artificial intelligence, marketing automation and activation tactics. After achieving a 5-10x ROI in 90 days, we can further increase your e-commerce revenue through a loyalty program, AI search, advanced sequencing and more.

And all of those in an all-in-one platform! 

Case study

See the results of implementing marketing automation at e-commerce site, which benefited from our ROI in 90 days program.